Notion Ultimate Freelance Business Planner with Client Portals


Welcome to the ultimate solution for freelancers who want to take their business to the next level.

Streamline your daily operations, clarify your business core, and plan for future growth, all while providing your clients with an exceptional experience.

  1. Daily Operations:
    • With the template, you can easily prioritize and check off tasks, prepare for meetings, manage invoices, track income and expenditure, manage projects, clients and leads, and plan social media content.
    • Plus, with the ability to record ideas and outline new projects, you'll never lose sight of your business's next big thing.
  2. Business Core:
    • Get clear on the ‘why’ of your business with the template's guidance on identifying what problem you want to solve, your mission, vision, and values.
    • Define your brand voice, identify your target market, and analyze your competition to ensure you stand out in your niche.
  3. Vision & Growth:
    • Create a vision board for your business and set measurable annual goals, then break them down further into quarterly and monthly goals.
    • Stay accountable by tracking the progress of each of your goals, recording your business successes in the win folder, and prioritizing learning and growth by tracking any courses you're taking, as well as books and podcasts.
  4. Connected Client Portal: Project
    • The Business Planner is seamlessly connected to the Client Portal: Project template, which offers a seamless client onboarding experience, streamlined communication, and efficient project management.
    • Impress clients with a professional introduction, simplify information gathering, and centralize conversations within Notion.
    • Share and sign agreements, track payments, collaborate transparently, monitor project timelines, and streamline revisions.
    • Schedule meetings effortlessly, provide support through FAQs, and ensure smooth project completion. Gather account access information and collect valuable client feedback for continuous improvement.


"I was looking for a way to boost client engagement and streamline my work processes. This Notion freelance planner, with its client portals, has exceeded my expectations on both fronts."

"Client collaboration has never been so smooth. Thanks to the client portal, my clients and I are always on the same page, which has greatly improved project management."

"Highly highly recommended! This has saved so much time and I love that now everything I need is in one place. Being able to manage my projects like this has meant that I have a lot more time now to focus on my work rather than the admin side of things. Trust me - you need this!"

Template Walkthrough:

What's Inside?


  • Planners - Choose from either a daily or a weekly planner. Timeblock your schedule, set priorities, manage tasks and meetings, and write reflections.
  • Task Manager - In-depth view of tasks for today, tomorrow, rest of the week, rest of the month, as well as unscheduled tasks, and a calendar view of tasks. Tasks are sorted by date and then priority level. Tasks are automatically synced throughout the template. Use the Pomodoro Timer to focus on completing tasks.
  • Meetings - In-depth view of meetings for today, tomorrow, rest of the week, and rest of the month. Meetings are automatically synced throughout the template. Meeting template to record resources, write meeting notes, and add action items to the task list.
  • Content - Plan content for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Set a goal for the content, record title and thumbnail ideas, and update the status of each piece of content to stay on track.
  • Templates - Store contracts, client intake forms, document templates, etc.


  • Notebook - Jot down any notes, a great place to ‘brain dump’!
  • Idea Bank - Store all of your ideas, and update their status from approved or rejected, to testing and implementation.

Project Management

  • Projects - Record project information and all associated tasks.
  • Clients - Create a profile page for each client. Keep track of client information, including notes and documents eg. client agreements. Access meeting notes directly from each client’s profile.
  • Client Portals - Share each client's portal with them to create a collaborative and streamlined experience.
  • Leads - Never lose a lead again! Record all leads in the Leads Pipeline, record their status, source, last contact, and all other key info.


  • Cash Flow - Log all income and expenditures. Set spending budgets and the budget formula will calculate if you are in or over budget. Monthly Summaries are automatically calculated from logged income and expenditure for an overview of each month.
  • Invoice Manager - Track the status of invoices, ‘Not Sent’ and ‘Overdue’ invoices are highlighted for easy visibility. Included an Invoice template which can be shared with clients.
  • Subscriptions - Keep track of business subscriptions and calculate monthly and annual costs.


  • Business Core - Write a business profile. Note your mission, vision, and values. Create a brand mood board, and list brand adjectives.
  • Branding - Store the master logo and logo variations, colour palette, typography, brand voice, phrases, and emojis.
  • Target Market - Outline who your target market is by creating an ideal client profile and mood board.
  • Competitor Research - Store all competitor research in table form for easy comparison.

Vision & Growth

  • Vision Board - Create a vision board for your business as a visual reminder of your intentions which will shape your thoughts and intentions.
  • Goals - Based on your vision board set goals for the year, then break these down further to quarterly and then monthly goals. Track your progress in the Goals Tracker to stay accountable.
  • Win Folder - Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of ups and downs! Store your successes in the Win Folder to refer back to when you need a little extra motivation.
  • Learning - Prioritise learning and growth by adding any courses you’re taking. Track your progress and store your course notes.


  • Aesthetics - Includes a guide on how to adjust the text style, add emojis, and Canva templates to create your own cover images, banners, and page icons.
  • Attic - Drag any pages you don’t need right now to the attic to store for later.


  • Is this template customizable? Absolutely! You can easily modify and personalize the template to suit your specific needs. Add, delete, or rearrange sections as you wish.
  • Will it work on mobile devices? Yes, but it is optimized for viewing on a laptop or desktop, so the experience will be very different. Using a mobile device is not recommended.
  • I'm not familiar with Notion; will I be able to use this template? Yes, but it's recommended to have some knowledge of Notion. Start by watching this video to get a hang of the basics:
  • How I will receive the template? After purchase, you'll receive a link to duplicate the Notion template to your workspace.
  • Am I allowed to share this template with others? Each purchase is for individual use only, and sharing the template file directly is not permitted.


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Notion Ultimate Freelance Business Planner with Client Portals